(60+) Elderly Friendly
Progressive Web Application:
Electric Vehicle Charging Service

In this project, the goal is to wireframe a progressive web application for a location independent charging service for elderly people.


1. Ideation and Journey Map

2. Understanding the System

3. Persona & Scenario

4. Wireframe

5. Designing Elements on Sketch

Journey Map for the
Charging Service System

First, I conducted research about current status of an electric vehicle’s charging system. Once I ideated a Charging Service that allows people to charge their EV wherever they park, I created a journey map to have a better understanding of flows and process.


How the Charging
Service System Works


Persona & Scenario

Understanding Persona and Scenario was crucial to find out users needs (60+).




Deisgn Elements on Sketch

Main Page
Setting charging limit by hold and drag
Checking the location of the service guy